Welcome to the website of selfia. We provide comprehensive furnishings of houses and apartments with doors, stairs and furniture. We have been operating on the market since 2012 and since then we have been constantly developing our products. We pay special attention to quality, ergonomics and design. We strive to make each of our products, thanks to the wide range of materials and personal approach of our designers, be individual, unique and meet the client's expectations.

The quality of the product is determined by the details, and these are always in the hands of man

At work, we use traditional and modern materials and technologies, however, nothing can ever replace the carpenter's hand. It is thanks to his work, experience and perseverance in the pursuit of perfection that you get the highest quality product.

Measurement and valuation


We carry out free customer measurement and quote within 14 days. No hidden or unexpected costs.


Design with visualization


On request, we provide visualization, for which you do not pay if you order the product from our company. If not, the cost of visualization is set individually.



We will make every effort to ensure that your order reaches you on the agreed date.

A wide selection of materials


We work in wood, wood-based materials, laminates as well as glass, steel and mineral-acrylic composites.


Installation with the highest standards



We know exactly how much depends on proper assembly. Even the best product can be spoiled by incorrect assembly. We guarantee that the assembly will be carried out by the same carpenter who made the product.

3 years warranty


We are convinced of the quality and durability of our products, which is why we have covered them with a 3-year warranty.

7 years


on market





46 GB


of documants and pictures

1650 km



to the furthest mounting

About us


Our aspiration at SELFIA is to combine nature with technology and many years of experience in carpentry. Everything is done to create a product with the highest quality and design values. Regardless of whether they are kitchens, doors, stairs or wooden furniture, in our work we always use knowledge and experience, enjoying creating new things. Despite the use of many machines and modern solutions, we believe that the carpenter's hand remains the most important tool.


Our kitchen implementations

Catalog, samples, assembly




Are you interested in our furniture offer or maybe you want to order doors or stairs for your new home? Nothing easier. Contact us and we will send you a catalog or samples for free or come to measure on site. You can also visit us in Bytów, in the Albero showroom at 13 Śródmiejska Street. Do you want to see what we have, what we are working on, what we are assembling? Take a look at our profiles on Facebook or Instagram. We are waiting for you.

How are we?


Already in January from 13-19.01.2020 you can meet us and see the latest models of our furniture for 2020! You're welcome!!!


tel. +48 668 692 633;   +48 884 355 833,    e-mail: biuro@selfia.pl

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selfia Paweł Zadworny


ul. Armii Krajowej 7F

77-100 Bytów

E-mail: biuro@selfia.pl

Tel: +48 668 692 633;   +48 884 355 833

factory address: 77-100 Bytów, Mierosławskiego 46

Our offer


  • wooden furniture
  • kitchen furniture
  • stairs
  • doors

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